May 18, 2021

Book Launch Wed 30 June

Book Launch At The Alderman

134 Lygon Street
Carlton VIC 3054
Wednesday 30 June

Νoted linguist Kate Burridge launches Robert DiNapoli’s book of early English wisdom poetry, released this year by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Bob will read from his translations, speak to the fascinatingly elusive concept of wisdom, and moderate whatever discussion the whole business prompts.

Finally! It looks to be a pretty lively occasion, so come on along if you feel so moved. The Alderman has asked attendees to mask up for ordering at the bar, but otherwise we’ll be relaxed (barring unforeseen developments, of course). If you fancy either of the books that will be for sale, please bring the appropriate cash, or you can contact me on to order a copy by post (add $5.00 to help defray shipping costs). Check here for any last minute updates

Frost will freeze, fire dissolve the wood.
The earth must burgeon; ice will make a bridge—
water wear a helmet—wondrously
locking the seeds in the ground. One shall loose
the fetters of the frost: almighty God.
Maxims I, ii.1-5

One comment on “Book Launch Wed 30 June”

  1. My warmest thanks to all of you who attended the launch of Reading Old English Wisdom! It was a fabulous night that's allowed me to hope that the writing I do has some point. Please stay well as we get through the next stages of the pandemic.


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