About Robert DiNapoli

Author & Lecturer

ROBERT (BOB) DINAPOLI has lectured on English-language literature at universities in North America, England and Australia, specialising in Old and Middle English poetry.
Photo of Robert Dinapoli, Author
Robert DiNapoli, New York

Who is Bob DiNapoli?

ROBERT DINAPOLI has lectured on English language and literature at universities in North America, England, and Australia.

He is also a poet, translator and essayist whose writing has been published in PN Review, English Studies, Neophilologus, The Journal of the Australian Early Medieval Society, Arena Magazine, and Arena Quarterly, as well as digital forums such as Arena Online, Eureka Street, and Foreground.

His books include Reading Old English Wisdom: The Fetters in the Frost (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021), A Far Light: A Reading of Beowulf (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016) and Engelboc (Kyneton: Littlefox Press, 2019).

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